Dissemination Activities

The MARSS project dissemination activities have been set up to use an interactive information portal using different formats and styles  for different stakeholder groups in order to support and include as many people as possible in the MARSS project.

The objectives of the MARSS dissemination portal are to
  • facilitate participation in the activities and create new knowledge from the MARSS project
  • encourage open innovation and stakeholder participation in public projects
  • publish the results of the MARSS project  funded by the EU
  • promote the dissemination of knowledge in order to reinforce the innovation capacity of public bodies, universities and enterprises
  • contribute to bridge the gap between citizens and science.

All notices of events and activities will be posted on the MARSS project web site. 

Open Door event

All expectations for the Open Day event were more than met! Over 3000 visitors joined us at the Open Door Event in wonderful sunshine to see the MBT and MARSS plant in Mertesdorf, Germany. The whole site was full of different activities to appeal to...

20.09.2015more »

Public Stakeholder Event - Waste going green!

This event is open to members of the public. Please contact the local organising committee if you would like to have any further information. Presentations made at this event will be published here on the web site in due course after the event takes...

01.04.2015more »

MARSS Public Workshop

Professors, waste managers, public authority representatives and other interested stakeholders came together on Monday 6th October 2014 in Mertesdorf, near Trier in Germany to learn about and discuss the results and experience of the MARSS project....

10.09.2014more »