Project Description

Material Advanced Recovery Sustainable Systems (MARSS)

Description of MARSS project (also see the MARSS project presentation)

RegEnt GmbH is co-developing an innovative process (known as MARSS) for the production of organic fuels derived from mixed rubbish (Municipal Solid Waste) with 4 other European partners. This EU Life plus co-funded project is taking place on the premises of Entsorgungs- und Verwertungszentrums (EVZ) in Mertesdorf, Germany. Additional project partners are RWTH University of Aachen (acting as coordinator), pbo GmbH, as well as the Universitá degli Studi di Napoli and the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.

The plant has a throughput of about 10 t/h and will demonstrate the separation of biogenic fractions found in the MSW (up to 50 %) as well as testing the use of the produced CO2 neutral biomass fuel as a feedstock for renewable energy production in decentralized combined heat and power units.
Life Cycle Analyses as well as an assessment of socio-economic impacts of this process enables a broad evaluation of this innovative technology.
Country specific studies for Italy, Spain, UK, Greece and the Czech Republic will be carried out and will deliver additional information about the acceptance of this innovative process as well as the potential markets for biomass renewable fuels from waste in these countries.

A detailed investigation focused on Naples and the surrounding area will be carried out to determine a realistic commercial application of the MARSS technology.

All EU Life Plus funded projects are selected on the basis that they can prove to provide benefits to the environment. The MARSS project has identified various direct and indirect potential benefits to the environment:
· Reduction of harmful GHG emissions
· Reducing biological municipal waste going to landfill
· Reducing landfilling of valuable metals and other materials suitable for recycling
· Local production of electricity and heat from household waste as well as increasing renewable energy potential for urban communities.
· Prevention of soil and ground water contamination from landfill sites all over Europe

This demonstration project is partly funded by the EU Life Plus Programme.

Project duration: 09.2012–12.2015
Project budget: € 4,154,933
EU contribution: € 2,073,727
Project location: EVZ Mertesdorf, Rheinland-Pfalz