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The MARSS project was successful in receiving part-funding from the European Commission under the Life Plus Programme. This demonstration project is developing an innovative process for the production of organic biomass fuels derived from mixed rubbish (Municipal Solid Waste). The project will be supported by full integrated impact assessments including comprehensive testing campaigns for the biomass fuel carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute. Activities started in September 2012 and will end in December 2015. All public results will be made available on this web site, however if you would like more information then please contact us at marss@ifa.rwth-aachen.de.

Final results (available for download here) have been given out at the public Open Door Event on the 27th September 2015. Over 3000 people came to see the the MARSS demonstration plant located in Mertesdorf, Germany. More details can be found on the Dissemination page.

produced by Stream Soltutions - www.stream-solutions.de
Speaker: Chris Schmidt

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Project description in English and German.

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